Quote – People Don’t Like To Be Sold… But They Love To Buy!

Today I read an article today from Jeffrey Gitomer which reminded of a quote I read a long while ago from one of Jeff’s books.  This article was from his weekly Sales Caffeine email and highly recommend it.  Jeffrey Gitomer has a certain spark to his personality that I just love when reading his materials.  In fact, I believe this quote is one of his famous sayings.

I often get asked about closing techniques or how to be a better seller, and frankly, I share the same thought process as Jeffrey, stop trying to sell or to be a better “salesman”.  You are far better to learn to understand why people buy!  Why people buy your products or services!  Why do you buy products?  Why would you buy your product or service?  Think about it!  Think about the last thing you bought that you went out of your way to get it, you just couldn’t wait to buy it!  In fact, nothing could have stopped from getting it!

As a business owner, I truly believe a great strategy in increasing your overall sales is to ask questions.  Having the right questions can be more powerful for you than having the right answers.   When you see an old customer, have you ever thought about asking them why they bought your product or service?  I bet you would be surprised at the reasons you would discover.  I also bet the stories you would get from your customers would make great stories to share with your future prospects.

Just thought I would share this little tidbit with you today.

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