5 Great WordPress Tricks from Your Go To Guy!

If you’re new to WordPress it can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning.   Like most software, there are a series of little tricks that we can use to make our experience a bit more pleasant and will help us do more with our content to improve our website.   Like any other software, WordPress is very learnable.   Let’s take a look at today’s tips!

1) Show and Hide the kitchen sink!

showhidekitchensinkBy default when writing a post or creating a page, WordPress tends to hide all of the tools that you can use to write / edit your content. (show / hide kitchen sink button)  Located on your main toolbar where you can make your text bold / italic etc…  By clicking on the button that looks like this picture, it will show / hide some extra very useful tools.  For example, you can remove formatting from text, change the text type (heading / paragraph), add some custom color to text and more!

2) Single-Line Break!

This is an easy one, when you press enter by default it creates a double space or a paragraph space, sometimes you want some text to go directly underneath the previous line of text.  If you use Shift+Enter you can accomplish a single-line break.

Example without using shift+enter:

Text line 1

Text line 2

Example using shift + enter:

Text line 1
Text line 2

3) Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts are my personal favorite when using a computer.  The less I use a mouse, the better I feel for some reason lol.  Here are some of my favorite handy keyboard shortcuts that work well with WordPress.  I, unfortunately, do not have an Apple computer to try these out, but I am assuming either the control or command key may work.  If I ever get to test it I will come back and update this post.

  • CTRL +1 = Heading 1
  • CTRL +2 = Heading 2
  • CTRL +3 = Heading 3
  • CTRL +4 = Heading 4
  • CTRL +5 = Heading 5
  • CTRL +6 = Heading 6
  • CTRL +7 = Paragraph
  • CTRL +C = Copy (also works outside of WordPress…)
  • CTRL +V = Paste (also works outside of WordPress…)
  • CTRL +B = makes text bold (also works with most word processors)
  • CTRL + I = makes text italic (also works with most word processors)
  • CTRL +U = underlines text (also works with most word processors)
  • CTRL +Z = Undo (won’t work after publishing… also works with most word processors)
  • CTRL +Y = Redo (won’t work after publishing… also works with most word processors)

4) Visual vs Text mode:

This one is a little bit more advanced, but don’t worry I will keep it easy.  I often get asked why is it when I paste an HTML code (snippet), say from Youtube, for example, the video does not show up when I view my page or post.   On the top right of your WordPress text editor, you will see a Visual and Text.  Before you paste your HTML code, make sure your on the spot where you want your (snippet) –> then click on Text –> paste your HTML snippet –> click on Visual –> if done right you should see a box in the visual mode instead of your HTML snippet.  After publishing and viewing your page this will now play your “Youtube” video, or whatever else you were trying to put in that place.

5) Quick Edit:

When you click on “Post” or “Pages” in your Dashboard, you should see a list of all your post.  If you hover your mouse on a page or post title, a menu pops up, when you click on ” Quick Edit” you can actually do quite a few neat things??

  • In the case of a Post quick edit, you can choose categories, change the author, rename it, add a “slug”, enable or disable comments / pings, password protect a post, and change the status to draft / publish.
  • In the case of a Page, you can change the page layout, the page title, change the author, enable or disable comments and change the page status.

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