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Marcel Robichaud

“For many years people have come to me for help when it comes to technology, design, consulting or creative ideas, and for years I have been their Go To Guy

Our Story...

Marcel Robichaud is the creator and mindset behind Your Go To Guy.  ”For years people come to me for help when it comes to marketing, technology, design and creative ideas.   For many years I have been their Go To Guy”.

While studying Marketing & Commerce in 2005 I stumbled upon a small privately owned Mexican restaurant with awesome food.  When I first sat down I was given a white piece of paper with black writing as their menu, I looked up and asked, are you the owner?  Have you consider revamping these?   At the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but the whole process of utilizing my creativity and design skills I managed to pull through and resolve this problem for them as well as build them a new brand!  This encouraged me over time to pursue researching this “marketing” stuff and playing around with a variety of different software, reading business, sales & marketing books, pursuing seminars / webinars all helping me get to where I am at today.

For those that do know me it is no secret that I am sort of a tech geek.  I love “techy” stuff and I love designing.  This is something I did for a long time as a hobby, and now as a business.  I look forward to working with a variety of business owners, artists, musicians, sales people, contractors and more.  By all means if you do have any questions, comments or feedback for me, please get in touch with me, I’m very approachable, easy going and friendly guy.

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