Marketing Services

YES! We have all the tools, needed to help market your business. From Marketing Consulting, Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media we can help. ”Ask Your Go To Guy ” today for more information.

Your Go To Guy is always dedicated and vested in the success of your business.  We strive to stay on top of the game and provide you with a variety of cost effective marketing services that will help your small business gain more exposure while saving money.

One of the things Your Go To Guy tries to do with their new and existing clients is to get them to think about both inside & outside of the box for ideas.  We have many mechanisms in place to do this.  If you haven’t done so,  consider signing up to our V.I.P. Newsletter,  visit our resources page or follow our social media pages.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for your first consultation meeting.

Think Of Us As Your Partner!

Your Go To Guy is a flexible and remote marketing department at your disposal! We know small businesses don’t typically have a “in-house” marketing team, this is why they need a “Go To Guy”.  Having some guidance can go a long way!  Every business, and every situation is unique and presents its own series of challenges and solutions.

I don’t care what stage your business is at, you can always do more! What will you do next? Get in touch with us and see how we can help!

Affordable Web Design Solutions For Your Business!

Our Web Design Solutions are perfect for small business! We utilize the power of WordPress to provide a solid and intuitive web site that your business can be proud to show off. All of our websites are smart phone and tablet optimized and we provide complimentary training to ensure that you can add and modify your website as your needs change!

We also offer a variety of ongoing support options should you require more assistance or particular needs.

Don’t waste countless hours trying to build a site yourself.  Let our team save you time and money today and help you build and manage a solid online solution for your business.

Graphic Design Solutions For Your Business!

Are you looking to get some graphics designed?  Putting together a new brand for your company, or simply looking for an “a la carte” graphic designer?  We are truly a one stop shop for small business marketing needs. We can design just about anything, from logos, business cards, flyers, brochures and more.

Reach out to our team today with your ideas and let us help you bring it to life!

Social Media Has Been A Game Changer For Many Businesses!

If you are not currently using Social Media, and using it often you are missing out on some potentially large audiences and opportunities for your business!  We get it, this stuff takes time, money and discipline! What if we could take some of that strain away for you?  Get in touch with our team and have us help you put together a new social media marketing plan based on your goals.  Want get more likes? Want to post more content?  Want to increase brand awareness and increase Sales?  Social Media Marketing could be the answer!

Search Engine Optimization – 

A different kind of SEO Service, as results are arguably unpredictable due to constant algorithm changes and not fully in any one persons control, it would be unethical to guarantee any kind of specific result.

However, there are some common practices and strategies that we can do to greatly improve your chances at increased page optimization and rank.  Utilizing a variety of premium software, ingenuity,  on-going training, our expertise and creativity, Your Go To Guy can now work on this longer term strategy commonly referred as “Search Engine Optimization” with your businesses online solution and help potentially increase your visibility online.

Why we Focus on Small Businesses

Having your own business is a viable way to increase the income in your home or creating that dream job you’ve always wanted! However big or small your business is, it is never an easy task to grow your business. Like a mechanic who needs the proper tools to repair a car, a business needs the proper tools to grow their business. Today being the web friendly, tech savvy, mobile world that we are in, advertising is truly a different game.

  • When was the last time you used the Phone Book? 
  • When was the last time you searched something online?
  • Still trying to remember when you last used that phone book?

And still today we see companies only investing in the Yellow Pages perhaps because of a lack of education towards technology. When I go anywhere today I see more & more people clicking away on their mobile devices. Does your Marketing Plan include a Proper Web presence including a Mobile Friendly Website and Social Media?

Here are some recent Canadian statistics:

-There are over 15 million Facebook users per month and over 9 million daily users. Facebook has a daily audience greater then 2 Superbowl events and 6x that of Hockey Night In Canada.

Did you know Facebook was free and does not limit how much you use it?

Let us help you, train you and give you better tools today.