Stop Blending IN! Creative Marketing Is AWESOME!

People Love SWAG!!  Especially fun, creative and unique SWAG!!  I came across some really cool little marketing gimmicky things that I thought I would share.  The entire purpose of this article is to encourage you to get creative with what you do.   Thinking outside the box and doing things different then everyone else can often have a long-lasting appeal.  Creative Marketing is awesome, and always gets people talking and taking action!

Here is a quote that I love and fits the theme or this article!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein.

Creative Example In My Town.

Although you hear about Windsor Ontario having a tough go with the economy and what now, I do feel that it has inspired and encouraged new entrepreneurs to try new things.  One creative marketing example that comes to mind is this newer place called On The Green.  It was started by 2 guys if my memory serves me right and these guys GET IT!   They have created a super cool Indoor Golf experience.  I remember one of the many great things they did was offer up a BEER Passport, they offered a number of beers from around the world and gave you this passport where they would check off the different beers you had while you toured the world with beer.  It was a great move, as you get encouraged not only to try new beers, but it also encouraged you to buy more beer.  I know every time I bring people there, it never fails!

Since opening they have expanded and built one of the coolest outdoor mini-put courses I have yet to see with waterfalls, pirate ships etc.. and built a really decked out Beach Volley Ball Court with an outdoor bar and more.   With these additions, they now have an even better business that appeals to all sorts of different audiences.

Know of any cool businesses in your area?  I would love to hear of any unique businesses or marketing ideas in your area.

Re-Inventing The Business Card!

The example above is all around great marketing and great entrepreneurship.  You too can also find ways to do creative things in your business.  I can remember back in College while studying marketing, I got the opportunity to shadow a business called Peak Promotional Products, I was blown away by all the cool stuff you could get made with your logo on it!   I immediately saw how there are really no limits to what you can do!

Here some really neat business card ideas to give you some food for thought, great examples of creative marketing!

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Marketing consulting with Your Go To Guy is a great way to brainstorm creative marketing ideas.  Want to get crazy?  Lets chat!

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