A Super Simple Marketing Plan

This article is all about simplicity.  In fact, it is my shortest article to date.  I recently came across a website (thinktank.se) which featured the world’s shortest marketing plan.   Although it isn’t perfect,  it is by far better than most plans I have seen and it really has some great questions.

Here is a quote that I felt suited this simple article about a simple marketing plan and its power. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Building a marketing plan doesn’t have to be super complicated.   This alone is the reason why most businesses don’t have a complete marketing plan.   If you have read past Marketing TIPS articles you would know that this is much more than an advertising plan.   Please do yourself a favor and use this marketing template and reap the benefits of having a marketing plan or schedule some time with Your Go To Guy to assist you with improving or building a marketing plan.

Click below to download your copy.

The Worlds Shortest Marketing Plan

The World's Shortest Marketing Plan

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